The surprise rise of sustainable promotional gifting and packaging
Personalised Recycled Winter Car Kit

It might currently be difficult to see how you can market your business in these strange times when events and meetings aren’t allowed, so how can you gift your clients and staff? Despite everything that businesses are dealing with, Style Brands has seen a big increase in the demand for sustainable promotional gifting and packaging. This implies that even through greater operational and financial difficulties, businesses are still opting for the better environmental choice, whilst reinforcing their valued networks and relationships. We’re seeing smaller box packaging optimised to fit through letterboxes while many of us are working from home more often, and these are increasingly made from sustainable materials. At the moment only 14% of plastic packaging globally is recycled and more than 40% ends up in landfill (Ellen MacArthur Foundation), so this is a very welcome shift. Other ways to make your gift more environmentally-friendly are:

– Replacement materials, such as sugarcane, wheat-derivatives and corn-starch
– FSC and Fairtrade certifications
– Biodegradable / recycled packing tape and bubble-wrap

Further trends we’re seeing right now are customised packaging and product individualisation (printing individual names), ensuring that your branding is visible and consistent at every client touch point from the moment they receive their parcel, to unwrapping and enjoying it, thereby boosting the feeling of value. In the image seen here, for example, which focuses on a branded winter car kit, including an ice scraper, scent vent and tyre pressure gauge, the whole pack can be delivered through the letterbox with matching printed sticker and postcard for your bespoke message and is made from recycled materials.

If including sustainable products and packaging in your order is important to you and your organisation, please speak directly with one of the Style Brands team on 01795 890 900 or email